#28150 This porcelain giesha doll is the epitome of classic grace and charm. Stands on a black laquered wooden base. Stands 11 3/4" high.


#29106 Dressed in the ancient costume of the Samurai, this porcelain figure will add a touch of the orient to any setting. Comes with black laquered wooden base and stands 11 3/4" high.

$21.95-Out of stock (June 27'th)

#22584 Colorful set of mini ceramic wall masks. Each is 2 1/2" x 4" high.


#29418 This "fish bowl" is decorated with handmaidens and surrounded by butterflies, birds, and chrysanthemums. Wooden stand included. 8 3/4" in diameter and 6 1/4" high.


#29417 This ceramic egg is adorned with birds, butterflies, and flowers and is enhanced with handpainted gold highlights. Stand included. 4 1/2" x 6" high.


#29416 An attractive geisha decorates this sake pitcher and 4 cups. Porcelain with glazed finish. Pitcher is 2 3/4" in diameter and 5 1/2" high. Cups are 2" in diameter and 1 3/4" high.


#29422 A pastoral scene revealing a day of leisure for the women of the villiage. This plate stands 10" in diameter and comes with the cherry wood hued stand.


#21729 Chinese lions of mythology protect the home from evil spirits. 5" high. Simulated wood base. Made of mandarin ivory.


#20677 A rare find for your plate collection, this delicate scene pictures two ladies rowing their way toward a day of shopping. Intricate carving is so precise that you can count every leaf on every tree! 9 3/4" in diameter. Made of mandarin ivory. Holder included.


#21731 This elephant shows off his gaily decorated body. Made of mandarin ivory with a simulated wood alabastrite base. 6 3/4" high.


#29225 Lovely bird and flowers adorn this ivory like mandarin vase. 7" in diameter and 12 1/2" high.

$24.95-Out of stock (May 23'rd)

#21929 See, hear and speak no evil.. an internationally recognized trio! 3 1/4" high. Made of mandarin ivory.


#23736 A pair of happy fishermen bring home their catch for the evening. 10" long and 8" high. Made of mandarin ivory.


#20688 Set of 3 happy buddhas. 2 1/4" high. Made of mandarin ivory.