#24592 This adorable bear sits with her best friend, her bunny. Alabastrite and is 2 3/4" high.


#27060 This adorable bride and groom is ready to go to their new home ...yours! 3 1/2" high.


#25523 The look on this little ones face is saying, "My bottle is empty!" Stands 2 3/4" high.


#25244 They're shy but they've almost worked up enough courage to give each other those flowers! They stand 2 3/4" high.

$4.75-Out of stock (June 27'th)

#25240 This grandma bear is spending some quality time reading to her little grandbear. Stands 3 1/8" high.

$4.75-Out of stock (June 29'th)

#27129 This bear bride looks stunning in her gown with her small bouquet of flowers. Stands 5 1/2" high.


#28183 Santa Claus has come to town...or should we say Santa Bear?! He stands 5 1/2" high.

$6.95-Out of stock (May 30)

#27130 This angel bear looks angelic in her velveteen gown with gold ribbon trim. Stands 5 1/4" high.

$6.95-Out of stock (May 30)

#25731 This cutie just received a box full of kittens making her birthday extra special! Stands 5 1/2" high.


#25732 This cutie is on his way to a birthday in his checkered tie and overalls! Stands 5 1/4" high.


#27131 This pint size teddy pirate will have you handing over your heart! Stands 5 3/4" high.


#28182 This little leaguer is ready to belt one out of the park! Stands 5 1/2" high.


#27288 An adorable bear carousel made of alabastrite. The four bears riding the horses have set aside their baseball equipment and books to spin to the tune "Toyland". 9 1/2" high.